Your 2012 Sixties Reunion/Scholarship Committee:

James Williams, '60Joseph Jackson, '65
Anita Gordon Cochran, '61 Peter Pope, '66
Brenda Barnett Yeatman, '62Herbert Hopkins, '67
Norman Kerr, '63Jackie Brewer '68
Elayne Banks Ballard, '64Katie Jones Douglas '69
Barbara Pace-Moody, '65


Our mission is to create a network of alumni that will combine energies and experiences to help today’s high school students become as well-rounded and successful as the HIRSCH HUSKIES OF THE SIXTIES! It’s not easy to match our accomplishments. We are a very unique group, that grew up in a unique period of time!  So, when is there a better time to help our youth, than now?  

Our 2012 Team, below. Standing (l-r) Herb Hopkins, James Williams, Katie Douglas, Brenda Yeatman, Elayne Ballard; Sitting: Norman Kerr,Peter Pope, Anita Cochran; (not pictured Joe Jackson, Jackie Brewer, Patricia Byrd, Barbara Pace-Moody and Sharon Ross)

Our Prior 2008 Team (below)


Brenda '62,  Mike '63 and  Elayne '64                                      Anita '61,  James '60 and  Eli '68


Darwin '67 and  Barb '65                                                           Linda '69 - in memoriam


                            Peter '66  Chairman                                                 Patricia '66  Co-Chair

                             The Prior 2004 Team:                                                  

The Prior 2000 Team:

Front row: Linda King '69, Elaine Thigpen '61, Derean Foote Boyle '63, Tijwana Pride Baugh '63, Doreen Baker Barrett '65;  Second row: Patricia Myers Byrd '66 Co-chair, Peter Pope '66 Chairman,  Jesse Randle '65;  Third row: James Purgeson '66, Havie Hamilton Lanum '63, Sharon Adams Cridell '64, Robin Willis Crayton '64; Back row:  Michael Sailes '63, Randall Simmons '62, Phyllis McIntosh McCune '68.  Not pictured: Sharon Stevens '67, Shirley Vilo '64, Cedric Cummings Rashad '65, Barbara Pace-Moody '65


We appeared in the Chicago Tribune Newspaper on August 10, 2000!

. . . .  and in a follow-up Tribune article on August 14, 2000: